Online mixing and mastering services

Sound 29 offers professional yet affordable online mixing and mastering services. Carefully selected unique, rare and vintage equipment for a truly exceptional sonic signature indluding 3D stereo mixing with Roland's RSS system! Stand out of the plugins-processed crowd and give your songs that sought-after magical shine, that big, open finished record sound!

How my online mixing and mastering studio is different from others

Besides plugins I use real hardware equipment as well with a crystal clear audio path and pristine monitoring in an acoustically treated room.

No advance payment is required and I don't charge you for revisions. We'll work on your tracks until you're fully satisfied. I'm happy when you are!

I have my own, unique sound which my clients love. I tend to mix with a retro flavour which results in a clean, wide, warm and dynamic sound. In the same time I follow current mixing trends to make sure your music sounds up to date and competitive. During mastering I go for a clean and dynamic sound with punchy bass, well defined mid-range and smooth, silky high-end. Your masters will not only translate well on different playback systems but they will also sound big and alive.

How to send your tracks for online mixing and mastering

The easiest and fastest option is using Dropbox. You can also ask for unique FTP access and upload your tracks to the Sound 29 server.

What my clients think about my online mixing and mastering work

"You've brought us to a next level...and we will be forever thankful."

Buffering Inc., Puerto Rico

"My keyboard player said it sounds like top class production and it is ready to release straight away."

Peterzoch, UK

"We just thought you ought to know that we are very pleased with your work."

Sania, Denmark

"Really fine work from Sound 29. I cannot fault the Masters I have recieved. A very considered approach to the Artist's work, with no compromising of the original vision."

Man in a room, Ireland

"So... I have listened to the mix it's... perfect... Thank you for the good work!"

Opera Glasses, Italy

"I am impressed... cos I have tried a lot of people in this last period and you are the best!"

Cureproject, Italy

"WOW! It sounds like a FANTASTIC new song. Excellent, first-class editing and mixing work!"

Figures At Dawn, Canada

"This is exactly what I wanted to hear. Crystal clear sound, powerful bass and zero distortion."

Miss Groove, Hungary

"I am maximally being satisfied! Accurate, reliable and precise!"

Discosa, Hungary

"Very professional work. Understands perfectly and quickly the spirit of a song and transforms it keeping in mind this original feeling."

EdGE, Switzerland