Professional online mixing services

Online mixing services with the 'Wow' factor! Add warmth, power, depth and definition to your songs. Uncompromised quality, affordable prices, unlimited revisions.

What is online mixing about?

Online mixing is a series of processes to glue individual tracks together and make your song sound as a whole.

Traditional tasks during online mixing are setting the levels for individual tracks, defining the stereo space to give each instrument its own place (yes, I have Roland's 3D stereo RSS technology!), applying EQ, compression, effects processing.

There is also lots of magic in mixing to add power, warmth, clarity, depth and dimension to your music and make it sound alive.

How my online mixing service is different from other studios

Unlike a plugins only setup I use hardware processors as well with a crystal clear audio path and precise monitoring in an acustically treated room which yields to great results.

Advance payment is not necessary and there's no revision count limit. We work on your tracks until you're fully satisfied.

I have my own sound signature which my clients love. I tend to mix with a retro flavour which results in a clean, wide, warm and dynamic sound. 3D stereo mixing with Roland's RSS system is available as well! I also follow current mixing trends to make sure your music sounds up to date and competitive.

Will your recordings sound professional after online mixing?

It highly depends on the quality of your recordings. But most of the time, yes.

Online mixing is very successful on home recordings if you recorded your tracks with a decent digital audio interface in high resolution wave format, you used high quality instruments, microphones, preamps and you haven't applied additional processing (like EQ, compression, reverb, delay).

If you're in doubt whether your songs will sound professional after online mixing, feel free to send me your tracks for a free review. You can forward to the contact page here:  contact Sound 29.

How to send your music for online mixing

The most convenient option is using Dropbox. You can also  ask for unique FTP access on the Sound 29 server.

Technicalities: save every instrument in a separate wave file, switch off all EQ, compressor, reverb and delay processors. If you're before recording or you export virtual instruments, use at least 44.1 kHz 24bit wave format. If you have everything recorded do not convert your files! I'll do it for you at the highest possible quality for no extra cost.