Online mastering services

Sound 29's online mastering service is for you if you are tired of thin, harsh and hyper-loud masters. Get that clean and punchy finished record sound! Professional results, affordable prices.

What is online mastering?

Mastering is a series of processes which will make a good mix translate well on most playback systems. This is required to ensure that your song will sound good on everything from mp3 players through radio stations to audiophile systems.

How my online mastering service is different from others

Besides software I use outboard processors too which go through a crystal clear audio path to ensure the best possible audio quality.

No need to pay in advance and no revision count limit. We work on your tracks until you're fully satisfied, for the same price.

I also have a unique sound character which my clients love. During mastering I go for a clean and dynamic sound with punchy bass, well defined mid-range and smooth, silky high-end. Your masters will not only translate well on different playback systems but they will also sound big and alive.

Is online mastering magic that turns dust into gold?

No. The primary aim of mastering is not to correct errors but to make a great mix sound brilliant and compatible on most playback systems. If your mix have problems check out my  online mixing services to get rid of them.

Audio CD authoring and CD premastering
  • Professional sample rate and bit depth conversion to 44.1kHz 16bit with dithering
  • Peak limiting
  • Setting fades and pause between tracks
  • Adding CD Text, UPC/EAN and ISRC
  • DDP 2.0 CD image creation with md5 and crc32 checksums
  • Cue/bin image creation (cue sheet with binary file containing the audio CD tracks)
Too technical? Putting it simply you get everything you need for professional red book CD duplication at any plant or to burn your own discs on your PC.

How to send your tracks for online mastering

The most convenient option is using  Dropbox. You can also  ask for unique FTP access on the Sound 29 server.

Technicalities: switch off all EQ, compressor, limiter, maximizer processors on the master bus. Send your files in uncompressed wave format and do not convert them to a different sample rate or bit depth!