Free VST plugins for professional use

Well, not a mixing technique this time but a very useful entry for many of you I’m sure!

I’ve always been very critical about selecting the best tools for my studio which ensure a seamless mixing and mastering workflow. Through the years I’ve came across several freeware VST plugins and other free audio software too. Here’s a list of the free software I use regularly and which are on par with the most expensive ones:

A very musical sounding HP/LP filter, great for mastering as well:

One of the best software audio analyzers:

A general purpose mid-side plugin:

My go-to stereo tool and analyzer:

A great tool for widening the stereo image:

A utility for delaying left/right or mid/side channels:

A neat autopanner:

Delay effect with a very good sound:

And finally one of the best sample rate converters available (not a plugin and runs from command line; a short tutorial will follow this entry soon):

Free VST plugins for professional use