Online mixing and mastering prices

Check out Sound 29's affordable online mixing and mastering prices. Uncompromised quality, low rates.

Online mixing and mastering service  $250 / song
Online mixing service $150 / song
Online mastering service  $100 / song
Audio CD authoring, CD premastering $100 / disc
Audio editing (pitch correction, noise reduction etc.) $35 / track


5% off from regular online mixing and mastering prices for 5 or more songs, 10% off for 10 or more songs.

How can I pay?

An invoice will be sent to you via email. Invoicing and payments are processed by Frilans Finans Norge, Bogstadveien 30, 0355 Oslo, Norway. Until payment is complete, the delivered audio files will contain a short, periodic "beep" sound.

Prices refer to songs not longer than 6 minutes containing not more than 48 audio tracks. The audio CD authoring and premastering prices refer to projects containing maximum 12 tracks. For longer and larger projects please ask for an individual offer.